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Photography : Florida : Pensacola : PJC Pensacola Campus
Pensacola Junior College was the first Junior College founded in the state of Florida, and has been a leader in education for the state ever since.

4 April, 1998 Pensacola Campus festival
The clock tower is under construction. It will be 8 stories tall, the tallest structure in this part of Pensacola.
Many classic automobile fans display their cars by the Science building.

In front of the Adult High School building.

The Airport-side entrance to PJC.

October, 1998
PhotoThe belltower is almost finished. This shot was taken as the sun is coming up on PJC.
PhotoThis is the symbol of PJC at the height of morning.
PhotoA breathtaking Pensacola sunrise
PhotoStudents rush to class
PhotoThese students were selected to advertize for the college.
PhotoThe belltower at night is a spectacular sight! (The photo is altered to make the belltower stand out more...)

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