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Screenshots Revision 0.62 (Sneak Preview)
(There are some spacing problems with the widgets. I am betting that they are a result of my recent upgrade to Qt 3.0.6... My apologies - it should look better than this.)

Desktop Integration KDE Integration
As soon as you install Infusion on your system, it integrates with your entire KDE desktop, providing you with a seamless, intuitive user interface.
Starting Infusion for the First Time Starting Infusion for the First Time
The first time you run Infusion, you will be walked through the setup procedure by the Infusion Account Wizard. Of course, if you prefer to configure things by hand, simply press "Cancel," and the Wizard will bow out of your way. More...
Reading your Mail
Reading your Mail
Reading your Mail
Your Inbox is the place where you can find all of your e-mail messages. Of course, if you don't like the integrated mail reader, you can hide it, and open your messages in their own windows. Have as many messages open as you prefer!
Reading Mail Sticky Notes
Just like the ones on your desk, Infusion's sticky notes hang around to remind you of things that you need to do.
Task Management Task Management
Keep tabs on the things you need to get done (or, if you're like me, the things you've already forgotten to do).
Contact List Contact List
I am currently in the process of implementing contact list management into Infusion. While it doesn't work yet, it will before too long.
Configurability Configurability
Infusion is designed from the ground up to be user-friendly. As a result, it goes through painstaking efforts to make sure that it changes to adapt to your work habits.

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