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Citadel/UX Communications Server
Copyright © 1987-2003, The Citadel/UX Development Team

Citadel/UX is a enterprise-class collaboration server, designed to enhance your organization's internal communications. The page you are currently at is only intended to support Citadel/UX on FreeBSD, and to provide information about the available Citadel/UX ports. Please visit the Citadel/UX homepage for details on the Citadel/UX server itself.

Source Downloads:
Citadel/UX 5.80
Citadel/UX 6.10

Citadel/UX 5.80 Binary Packages:
FreeBSD/i386 5.1-RELEASE

Port Information:
The FreeBSD Citadel/UX port is maintained by Brian Ledbetter. Brian can be contacted at brian@shadowcom.net. Currently, the latest version of the port is 5.80. Support for 6.10 is in the works. As soon as Brian finishes the patches necessary to make the port standardized on FreeBSD, it will be posted as net/citadel6.

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